MERN Stack


<<Mern Stack Web Development Specialization>>

Introduction to Server-side Development

1. Welcome to Server-Side Development with NodeJS, Express and
2. Full Stack Web Development: The Big Picture
3. What is Full-Stack Web Development?
4. Setting up Your Development Environment: Git
5. Setting up Git
6. Basic Git Commands
7. Online Git Repositories
8. Setting up your Development Environment: Git
9. Introduction to Node.js and NPM
10. Node.js and NPM
11. Setting up Node.js and NPM
12. Introduction to Node.js and NPM
13. Node Modules

14. Understanding Node Modules
15. Node Modules: Callbacks and Error Handling
16. Node and HTTP: Objectives and Outcomes
17. Networking Essentials
18. Node and the HTTP Module
19. Introduction to Express
20. Brief Representational State Transfer (REST)
21. Express Router
22. Requirements Node Modules, Express and REST API
23. Ideation
Data, Data, Where art Thou Data?
1. Express Generator
2. Introduction to MongoDB
3. Node and MongoDB
4. Callback Hell and Promises
5. Node and MongoDB
6. Mongoose ODM
7. REST API with Express, MongoDB and Mongoose
8. Architecture Design and Software Structure
Who goes there?
1. Basic Authentication
2. Cookies, Tea and err … Express Sessions
3. Using Cookies
4. Express Sessions
5. User Authentication with Passport
6. Token Based Authentication
7. User Authentication with Passport and JSON Web Token
8. Mongoose Population
9. User Authentication

Backend as a Service (BaaS)
1. HTTPS and Secure Communication
2. Uploading Files
3. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
4. OAuth and User Authentication
5. Using OAuth with Passport and Facebook
6. OAuth and User Authentication
7. ConFusion: Integrating the Client and Server
8. Integrating the Client and Server: Updating the REST Server
9. Integrating the Client and Server: The Angular Client
10. Backend as a Service
11. Backend as a Service: Loopback
12. Getting Started with Loopback
13. Loopback Data Sources and Access Control
14. Loopback Relations
15. Project Implementation
<<Front-End Web Development with
Introduction to React
– Welcome to Front-End Web Development with React
– Setting up Your Development Environment: Git and Node
– Setting up Git
– Basic Git Commands
– Online Git Repositories
– Node.js and NPM
– Setting up Node.js and NPM
– Basics of Node.js and NPM
– Setting up your Development Environment: Git and Node
– Introduction to React: Objectives and Outcomes
– Front-end JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries
– Introduction to React
– Getting Started with React
– React App Overview
– Introduction to JSX
– Configuring your React Application
– React Components
– React Components: State and Props
– React Components: Lifecycle Methods
React Router and Single Page Applications
– React Component Types
– Presentational and Container Components
– React Components: Lifecycle Methods
– Functional Components
– React Component Types
– React Router
– React Virtual DOM
– Header and Footer
– Single Page Applications
– React Router: Parameters
– UI Design and Prototyping
React Forms, Flow Architecture and Introduction to
– Controlled Forms
– Controlled Form Validation
– Uncontrolled Forms
– Uncontrolled Components
– Uncontrolled Forms
– Introduction to Redux
– The Model-View-Controller Framework
– The Flux Architecture
– Introduction to Redux
– React Redux Forms
– React Redux Form Validation
More Redux and Client-Server Communication
– Redux Actions
– Combining Reducers
– Redux Thunk
– React-Redux-Form Revisited
– Client-Server Communication
– Networking Essentials
– Brief Representational State Transfer (REST)
– Setting up a Server using json-server
– Client-Server Communication
– Fetch
– Promises
– Fetch
– Fetch from Server
– Fetch Handling Errors
– Fetch Post Comment
– React Animations
– React Animation Components
– Redux, Client-Server Communication and Fetch
– Building and Deployment
– Introduction to Webpack
– Building and Deploying the React Application
– Project Implementation

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