Docker Basics and installation

• Introduction to containers and containerized applications
• Container Ecosystem
• Components of Docker and Docker Architecture
• Installing the Docker Engine
• Docker images and repositories
Managing Containers
• Creating our first Docker container
• Docker Commands
• Viewing and monitoring running containers
• Docker Service and engine
• Securing Containers using TLS
Docker Images
• Building Docker images
• Docker Registeries

• Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub
• Creating images using DOCKERFILE
• Building containers from images
• Networking Docker containers
• Docker Network Internals
• Implementing and configuring docker network
• libnetwork
Docker Storage and Volumes
• Data persistence with Volumes
• Managing Docker Data volumes
Docker Security
• Docker Security best practices
Docker Compose and Clustering(SWARM)
• Scenario
• A single container static website
• Setting up a container running Nginx
• Launching a static site
• Update our static site from Git


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